This scam is killing Canadian Kids: Sextortion

This isn’t fear-mongering – it’s a heartbreaking reality. Teens across Canada are falling victim to sextortion scams, with devastating consequences.

Three things your kids need to hear right now:

1. Criminals pose as kids and teens to gain their trust and they have a lot of experience tricking young people. Kids need to know that they are not at fault for being manipulated into sending images/videos.

2. Don’t Pay – Paying only encourages the scammer. Emphasize that it’s vital to disconnect from the scammer and talk to someone they trust even if they aren’t comfortable telling you. There are support resources just a phone call, text or click away.

3. It’s Not the End of the World – Even if photos get shared, it’s important for your child to know they won’t be in trouble for coming forward. There are resources to help remove these images and provide support. Let them know that life can move forward.

If your child has a device of any kind make sure that Kids Help Phone is in their contacts and/or bookmarks!

Educate, support, and empower your kids to protect them against these heinous scams. Let’s work together to put an end to this tragic trend.

If you are looking for more resources or tip sheets to help you start a conversation with your kids on sextortion scams involving real or AI generated images:

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