Comprehensive Guidebook: Supporting a Victim of Sextortion

Our Supporting A Victim of Sextortion guidebook was created in partnership with Victim Services of Durham Region through project KnowledgeShare and is intended for use by both individuals and victim support groups. It includes information on how this scam typically happens, responding to the scammers, and removing images from social media platforms.

Explore additional resources such as our Sextortion Scam Awareness Tip Sheet for Teens and our Sextortion Scam Awareness infographic for more information.

how to support a victim of sextortion

View, download, and share our guidebook below. Many helpful topics are included in our guide such as: how this scam typically happens, where it most often occurs, responding to the scammers, and how to remove your image(s) and/or video(s) from social media if they are posted. Also included is a note to teens, caregivers, and additional information and resources.