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Welcome to the KnowledgeFlow Cybersafety Academy! Our academy offers an extensive range of courses on data privacy, secure online communication, cyberbullying prevention, and digital ethics. With easy-to-understand content and practical applications, our platform fosters a vibrant learning community. Whether you’re enhancing your own cyber safety or educating others, KnowledgeFlow is here to support your journey.

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Engaging Content: Dive into topics like protecting your devices, spotting scams, and more. Each course is crafted with real-world applications and easy-to-understand content!

Interactive Community: Join our vibrant forums to discuss, collaborate, and learn from other participants. Share experiences, and stay updated on the latest cyber safety trends.

Flexible Learning: Access our courses anytime. Enroll on our platform or use our mobile app for learning on the go.

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Cybersafety for Everyone Series

Protect Your Device: This course helps you safeguard your phone, tablet, or computer from prying eyes and invasive apps.

Protect Your Information: This teaches you how to keep your personal data secure while using social media, online banking or surfing the web.

Scams – Spot Them and Stop Them: You will learn to identify and avoid common scams with real-world examples and practical tips.

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Courses For kids

We understand the importance of digital safety for all age groups. For kids, we offer specialized sections featuring age-appropriate content and engaging activities. These courses are designed to teach young users how to stay safe online, recognize potential threats, and develop healthy digital habits. By educating the younger generation, we aim to build a safer digital future for everyone.

Courses For teens

For teens, we provide tailored sections with content that addresses their unique online experiences and challenges. These courses focus on helping teenagers navigate the digital world safely, identify and respond to cyber threats, and foster responsible online behavior. Our goal is to empower teens with the knowledge and skills they need to protect themselves and others in the digital landscape.

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Test your knowledge and earn badges

At the end of each course, you’ll have the opportunity to test your understanding and reinforce your learning through our interactive quizzes.

With immediate feedback and explanations for each question, our quizzes provide a valuable tool for solidifying your cyber safety skills. Challenge yourself, track your progress, and become more confident in your ability to stay safe online.

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Protect Your Device

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Protect Your Information

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Scam Spotter Badge

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Showcase Your Achievements!

Upon successfully completing our courses, you’ll receive downloadable badges that showcase your newly acquired cyber safety skills. These badges are more than just a token of achievement—it’s a valuable addition to your professional portfolio. Easily share your accomplishment on LinkedIn to enhance your profile and demonstrate your commitment to digital safety to potential employers and connections!

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Not sure how to add your Cybersafety Academy badges to your LinkedIn profile? Check out our tutorial down below.

Custom Courses & hosting services

The Academy will continuously be updated with new material for all audiences including seniors, youth and families. Contact us to discuss the creation of a course designed specifically for your organization as well as hosting for various courses.

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