National CyberDay 2023

Cybersecurity awareness resources, classroom curriculum ideas, career and education planning sources, fun activities, videos and much more for students, teachers and parents across Canada. 

Charting your Course: A Map from Cybersafety to Cybersecurity

Charting Your Course to Cybersecurity empowers high school students to take control of their online safety and explore the vast opportunities in the cybersecurity field. This training instills valuable skills, nurtures an interest in both cybersafety and cybersecurity, and paves the way for a secure digital future.

Cybersafety Academy

The KnowledgeFlow Cybersafety Academy is the online home of our training and awareness courses designed to make you #UnHackable.

Every Day is CyberDay 2022

National Cyber Day is a chance for Canadians to learn more about Cybersafety through games, workshops, activities, and other online resources. Presented on behalf of ICTC.


The #UnHackathon – 2023 Where Cybersafety Meets Creativity No Coding Or Hacking Skills Required! A new concept in digital literacy and cybersafety training. Unlike a regular hackathon, the main focus of The #UnHackathon is cybersafety education and digital media literacy through a creative design challenge.


Tackling cyber fraud through community partnerships with Durham Regional Police, Victim Services of Durham Region and the Town of Ajax, to reduce cyber crime victimization through training and awareness activities.


Cyber skills professional development for teachers. Created in partnership with teachers across Canada, based on their technology challenges and experiences at home and in the classroom, these courses will empower teachers to safely and effectively engage with technology.


Read more about our NATO funded Project DEFUSE and our work to battle online disinformation.

UnHack This

Take part in our latest UnHack This Challenge: find the secret code to unlock Marvin. Good luck!


The Canadian Cyberfraud Handbook was written by KCF Co-Founder, Claudiu Popa.

The Agora

Designed to protect the privacy and security of users as it provides a safe space that fosters the most interesting discussions and passionate exchanges.


Knowledge To Help You Manage Your Finances in the Digital Age.

CyberCrime Fighters

A program for parents and teachers to recognize and reward exemplary cybersafety behaviour.


Cybersafety training and mentorship designed by seniors, for seniors.


This program teaches seniors how to manage privacy and security when using video chat apps and sites.