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Knowledge To Help You Manage Your Finances in the Digital Age

It can be difficult for seniors to stay involved in daily financial activities such as bill paying, finance monitoring, depositing and withdrawing of funds, filing taxes, etc. as more of these activities are done online. Learn how to manage your finances online.

Digital Literacy

Use Online Tools and Platforms Safely and Securely

Financial Literacy

Manage Finances Digitally: Designed Specifically for Seniors

The right knowledge and information is empowering

For many seniors, using digital banking and financial management tools can be new and confusing. That’s why we created the Digital Financial Literacy Program – to help seniors understand and feel confident using these important tools.

The program offers training that covers everything from online banking basics to more advanced topics like cyber security. Seniors will learn how to safely and effectively manage their finances online, giving them the independence and peace of mind that comes with being digitally literate.

Increase your digital financial literacy and unlock your confidence

When it comes to digital finances, seniors are at a higher risk for crime and abuse. This is because they are often not as familiar with the technology and how to use it securely. Seniors may also be more trusting of strangers and less likely to report a crime. The best way to protect yourself is to get educated about digital finances.

Our training is designed by seniors based on their experiences with online banking and digital financial management. Seniors have guided the content of the training material, helped test and refine it, and form the volunteer team that will deliver it. The finished product offers a much-needed resource for those who are struggling to keep up with the digital world. It will be user-friendly and tailored to seniors’ needs, making it an invaluable tool for promoting financial literacy.

The curriculum in our courses includes training on how to safely complete online banking, file management, navigate CRA accounts, file taxes, use multi-factor authentication, create digital signatures, awareness of public wifi risks, tips for e-transfer safety & more!

Learn how to manage your online banking and finances safely and securely

A variety of FREE resources, videos, tipsheets and tutorials designed to help educate, empower, and engage seniors in digital financial literacy.

Online Banking Tutorials

Learn more about online banking by watching great tutorial videos. Click on a bank’s logo to access their online tutorial section.

To learn more try banking demos from Ready, Set, Bank℠.

To learn more, watch banking tutorials from Ready, Set, Bank℠.


Prevent cybercrime victimization through protecting personal information and managing online existence


Detect cyber abuses through understanding the value of personal info to fraudsters and recognizing the key indicators of compromise


Respond to cyber fraud and privacy invasions through understanding privacy rights and the applicable reporting avenues

What People are Saying

What previous participants have to say about KnowledgeFlow.

As a senior, I sometimes feel confused about what I should and shouldn’t do on the internet. The cybersafety workshop helped me understand how online fraud works and what to look for. I found the training resources really helpful, and I’m now much more confident about using the internet. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to learn more about cybersafety.
From my own experience as a senior trying to navigate the world of online banking and finance, I know how frustrating and daunting it is to manage accounts and investments digitally. A free program developed by seniors and presented with seniors to their peers will be of great benefit to our community. I look forward to volunteering for this program.
KCF Volunteer
Having personally worked in the banking and financial industries for decades I have seen firsthand how many seniors struggle with understanding and managing their finances in the digital age. As more institutions are turning to paperless and online accounts and closing local branches it is forcing seniors to change how they have managed their finances all their lives.
KCF Advisor
As someone who assists the public, and seniors in particular, with digital literacy based programs I have seen firsthand how seniors in our community are struggling with the rapid transition to online banking and financial management. Digital financial literacy training is vital to protecting seniors from financial scams and elder financial abuse.
KCF Supporter

Digital Financial Literacy: Secure Yet Simple

FREE Information and resources to help seniors manage online financial accounts and transactions.

Our Expertise

Canada’s Cybersafety Foundation

All of our training materials are created with our industry leading certified security and privacy professionals who have over 30 years of experience in the digital safety industry.




Our Mission

  • Increase privacy awareness and equip seniors with tools to mitigate risks and protect their privacy
  • Teach seniors about forms of financial abuse and how to spot it,  report it, and get the help they require
  • Reduce elder financial abuse by empowering seniors to stay involved and in control of their daily financial management
  • Engage seniors in the community through mentoring others

Our Vision

  • Senior volunteers directing and guiding the creation of the training topics and materials
  • Seniors able to stay involved in their personal finances and decision making
  • Reduced victimization of seniors through online fraud and financial abuse
  • The creation of a social network of peers where seniors can ask questions in a safe and judgement free zone

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