Canada’s First #UnHackable Community

Funded in part by the Safer and Vital Communities Grant, Project KnowledgeShare forms a new community partnership between Durham Regional Police, Victim Services of Durham Region, The Town of Ajax, and KnowledgeFlow Cybersafety Foundation.

Protect, Detect, Correct

All KnowledgeShare resources focus on the perpetual cycle of cyber-situational awareness. By protecting accounts and devices, cybercrime can be avoided at the outset. By detecting fraud attempts as they occur, cybercrime victimization can be stopped in its tracks. Knowing how to correct or respond when fraud occurs, minimizes damage, losses, and prevents revictimization.

Project Activities

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Online Portal of Resources

An online repository of educational materials will be created. Topics will include fraud prevention, detection and response.

Community Group Training

KnowledgeShare will create training to be integrated into programming and to train staff and volunteers.

Media Campaign

A print and social media campaign for residents designed to drive awareness and increase reporting of crimes.

Community Events

Both virtual and in-person events will be held. These may be in conjunction with community meetings or project specific events.

Project Events

Cybersafety Champion Program

Time: February 1 @ 5:00 pm – February 1 @ 6:00 pm

Cybersafety Champion Program
Youth in Policing - Durham Region

Participants will learn how to protect their devices and secure their information. Attendees will discuss how they can protect their friends and families through sharing cybersafety knowledge and best practices.

Project Resources

Device Security

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Cybersafety Tip: If you are gifting or receiving a new device be sure to secure it as soon as it’s unwrapped! Strong passwords including multifactor authentication on all accounts is crucial. Regularly review and restrict app permissions. Keep your operating software up to date. These steps all help you to thwart malware and scammers.
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Scammer Trick: Caller ID Spoofing

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Scammers can impersonate any phone number and any organization through ‘spoofing’. You can no longer trust the name and number on your display, no matter what type of phone you use. Fraudsters use this trick to conduct scams of all kinds. They will impersonate police, a government department, a bank, a hospital, or any other organization to trick you into providing personal information or to send payment in some form.
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If your community group serves the Durham Region and includes any technology programming for youth or seniors, contact us to get involved and receive the training curriculum for your staff and volunteers.

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