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#UnHackable: it’s street smarts

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We teach you how to thwart cyber criminals, fraudsters and data predators by managing your online presence, protecting your personal stuff and guarding your money.

Our purpose

We build cybersafety champions

We are dedicated to teaching people of all ages about cybersafety. Our interactive workshops, training sessions, online resources and initiatives cover everything from online privacy to dealing with online bullying. Our goal is to empower people to take control of their online lives and stay safe while enjoying the benefits of the digital world.

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Our initiatives

Data Privacy Day

Our carefully curated selection of privacy management resources underline the importance of valuing and protecting personal information.
What we do

Solutions for Organizations

Nonprofit Solutions

We support fellow non-profit organizations with their security and privacy requirements with the KCF Cyber Hub. We also offer online event management and WordPress security. The Canadian Cyberfraud Handbook was written by KCF Co-Founder, Claudiu Popa.
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EdTech Education

EdTech, short for “education technology,” is the combination of IT tools and educational practices aimed at facilitating and enhancing learning. Our experts can guide your evaluation and implementation of various tools.
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What people say about our foundation


“The cybersafety workshop was both informative and engaging. I learned a lot about the potential dangers of the internet and how to protect myself from them. The session was interactive, and I felt like I was able to take away some useful tips. Overall, it was a great experience, and I’m glad I attended.”

KnowledgeFlow Cybersafety Champion


“As a senior, I sometimes feel confused about what I should and shouldn’t do on the internet. The cybersafety workshop helped me understand how online fraud works and what to look for. I found the training resources really helpful, and I’m now much more confident about using the internet.”

KnowledgeFlow Participant


“We recently had the opportunity to experience the cybersecurity curriculum developed by the Foundation. It’s designed to help high school students learn about cybersecurity as a potential career path while learning about personal cybersafety best practices. We were blown away by both the content and delivery of the curriculum.”

KnowledgeFlow Nonprofit Client


“As someone who assists the public, and seniors in particular, with digital programs I have seen firsthand how seniors in our community are struggling with the rapid transition to online banking and financial management. Cybersafety training is vital to protecting seniors from financial scams and elder financial abuse.”

KnowledgeFlow Supporter
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our supporters