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Will You Get Caught ‘Hook, Line, and Sinker’ in Our KnowledgeNet?

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Designed by seniors for seniors, Project KnowledgeNet is a groundbreaking initiative aimed at reducing the impact of cyber fraud and online scams. Through our advanced training technology featuring real-life scenarios and interactive learning tools, we will prepare seniors to recognize and respond to digital threats effectively. Project KnowledgeNet will implement the latest AI technology to mimic real life scenarios to test recognition of the phishing scams and other types of online fraud.

Project KnowledgeNet is funded in part by by the New Horizons for Seniors Program (NHSP), a federal grants and contributions program that aims to improve the lives of senior communities. We are honored to receive this grant to amplify the importance of senior cybersafety to ensure that seniors can safely navigate the online world on their day-to-day endeavors.

Project Objectives

  1. Prevent Cybercrime Victimization: Equip seniors with essential skills to secure personal devices and information.
  2. Detect Cyber Threats: Highlight the sophistication of modern phishing scams and the importance of recognizing these threats.
  3. Respond to Cyber Frauds and Privacy Invasions: With fraud against seniors at an all-time high, we focus on empowering you to understand and assert you privacy rights and report incidents of cyber fraud.

Course Highlights

Our course is divided into four key modules, each focusing on critical areas of cybersafety:

  • Device and Connection Security: Techniques to safeguard your technology.
  • Personal Information Protection: Strategies to protect your personal details and accounts.
  • Privacy Rights and Obligations: Insights into legal protections against cyber threats.
  • Recognition and Reporting of Scams: Skills to identify scams and take action in case of fraud.

Each module connects theoretical knowledge with practical, real-world examples, making learning relatable and effective.

Volunteer Spotlight

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Project KnowledgeNet would not be possible without the valuable contributions from senior volunteers. Our team of senior volunteers will collaborate to define requirements for the training tools. The tools will be tested by seniors, and feedback for improvements will be made and integrated. The final product will be an innovative training application using real-life scenarios, accessible to seniors nationwide through community groups, libraries, and senior programs.

Accessibility Highlights

At KnowledgeFlow, we uphold our commitment to providing free and easily accessible cybersafety education for people of all ages. Our educational courses and resources will remain free of charge and accessible whenever, wherever. KnowledgeNet is offered through KnowledgeFlow’s Cybersafety Academy, a learning platform known for its user-friendly interface. This course will feature an interactive and immersive learning journey, incorporating an intuitive and engaging learning experience, featuring:

  • Interactive Displays: Learn through engaging visual content
  • Quizzes: Solidify your understanding of key points
  • Practical Activities: Apply what you’ve learned in real-life scenarios
  • Visual Tutorials: Cater to various learning styles with detailed guides

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