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The Cybercrime Fighter Process


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The Cybercrime Fighter Process

A Cybercrime Fighter is someone who stands up against the forces of evil on the Internet. A cybercrime fighter recognizes bad online activity and acts to stop it.

Cybercrime can be a lot of things. It could be someone sending a scam email, a fake social media account, an instance of cyberbullying, or any number of other malicious acts on the Internet.

Who Can Nominate a Cybercrime Fighter?

Anyone can nominate a Cybercrime Fighter: parents, teachers, friends, and fellow students.

If one of your friends deserves to be recognized as a Cybercrime Fighter, let your teacher know and ask for help from them or your parents in filling out the form below. Your teacher will receive an email with a certificate attached, which they will then present to the newly-minted Cybercrime Fighter!