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At KnowledgeFlow, we understand the challenges facing nonprofit organizations in the current digital landscape. With cyber threats on the rise, safeguarding your sensitive data is more crucial than ever, which is why we provide all the tools necessary to ensure cybersafety, data security and privacy program support for your staff, volunteers and clients. With the help of our range of paid services, you can focus on your mission while being confident in the security of your organization’s most important digital assets.

Here’s how we can assist your organization:

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In addition to our six main nonprofit services, KnowledgeFlow also offers a number of services on an ad hoc basis, including data backup and recovery solutions, cloud security assessments, phishing simulation and training, secure website development and more.

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The Cyber Hub

With the Cyber Hub, we provide a comprehensive privacy and security management solution tailored to the needs of nonprofit organizations. With a single, all-inclusive Cyber Hub account, you gain access to a range of services customized according to your organization’s requirements. Features of the Cyber Hub include:

Free Resource Libraries

Access a vast collection of privacy and security management documentation curated for NPOs, as well as a multilingual tipsheet library for community programming. These resources are available for free for all Cyber Hub users.

Customized NPO Projects

Benefit from fully-guided project management services tailored to the specific privacy and security program needs of your organization. Customize projects to match your organization’s goals and compliance needs.

Certified Expertise

Our experts develop and implement programs to protect your organization’s information, employing industry-recognized frameworks and standards to ensure adherence to data protection compliance requirements.

As a Cyber Hub user, you gain free access to a vast library of resources on privacy and security management, including:

personal information
Personal Information For Canadian Nonprofits

Provides an introductory framework to assist organizations in understanding the elements and questions that should be answered in a privacy policy, based on Canadian privacy legislation.

long term care
Managing Privacy During Virtual Family Visits

This resource outlines privacy best practices and recommendations for long-term care homes using virtual platforms to facilitate meetings between residents and their loved ones.

cybersafety by design
Cybersafety by design for nonprofits

Learn about the 7 Fundamental Principles of Cybersafety by Design that use technology to protect people online. Includes a checklist to assess the cybersafety risks of your organization.

Register for a free Cyber Hub account today, utilize the included resources and explore the potential of a custom package of services based on your organization’s specific privacy and security needs.