Canadian Multiculturalism Day 2024

A group of diverse children for Canadian Multiculturalism Day

What is Canadian Multiculturalism Day?

Welcome to Canadian Multiculturalism Day 2024! Established in 2002 by the Canadian government, this day celebrates the rich diversity of our nation’s communities and cultures. At KnowledgeFlow Cybersafety Foundation, we are dedicated to empowering newcomers and people who speak various languages by providing essential resources to help prevent various scams and fraud. Read more on how we’re equipping everyone to stay safe online, regardless of language barriers.

Understanding Cybersecurity Threats to Newcomers and Diverse Communities

Newcomers of different backgrounds are often targeted by scammers who exploit language barriers and unfamiliarity with local systems. They might encounter various forms of fraud, including phishing emails, fake job offers, immigration extortion and more. Understanding these threats and knowing how to prevent or respond in these situations is crucial for staying safe online. Our comprehensive Newcomer’s Guide to Preventing Scams and Fraud provides practical advice and tips tailored to the unique challenges faced by people from diverse backgrounds.

Our Commitment to Multilingual Resources

  • To support our community, we offer hundreds of FREE resources available in various languages.
  • These include guides, tutorials, and informational packs designed to help newcomers recognize and avoid scams.
  • We encourage nonprofits working with newcomers to utilize our language packs in their programs as well.
  • Whether it’s language classes, or integration workshops, our free resources can enhance your efforts to keep your community safe online.
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Become #UnHackable and join our diverse community

At KnowledgeFlow, we believe in the power of a diverse community to tackle the challenges of cybersecurity. Become #UnHackable and join our mission to create a more secure and informed online environment for everyone.

Learn More About How Scams Target Multicultural Groups In Canada

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