A Safer Internet – Whose Responsibility Is It Anyway?

Safer Internet Day 2024 is here! Don’t miss our international collaborative webinar on online safety alongside Cyberlite, The Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC), Cyber Legends, and KnowledgeFlow Founder and cybersecurity expert; Claudiu Popa.

What Is Safer Internet Day?

Safer Internet Day promotes the safe and positive use of digital technology, especially for children and young people. Beginning as an EU-funded ‘SafeBorders’ project in 2004, Safer Internet Day (SID) is now celebrated across 200 countries and territories worldwide!

SID prioritizes protection and empowerment being equally important regarding the digital wellbeing of youth. This focus on empowerment equips our youth with the knowledge and tools they need to engage in a positive online experience all year long.

Raising Awareness

Each year, emerging online issues and current concerns are highlighted to raise awareness and start important conversations. Key topics include:

  • Cyberbullying
  • Social networking
  • Digital identity
  • Creating and engaging with positive online content

this year’s topics

Want to be empowered online? Our 8 Cybersafety Discussion Topics for Safer Internet day 2024

  • The critical roles educators and parents play in ensuring the cyber safety of children
  • Risks children face online today
  • How parents and educators can adapt their strategies to address these evolving threats
  • Cyber safety education within the Canadian education system
  • How cybersafety education is viewed and implemented in Singapore
  • How to leverage technology to protect children online
  • Practical tips for parents to safeguard their children online, regardless of their level of tech expertise.
  • Questions from the community

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Spotting false sense of security

Investigate the evidence behind security claims and question assumptions of safety to expose vulnerabilities and prevent breaches. Highlighting corrective actions at all levels ensures comprehensive coverage, informing the public and encouraging proactive cybersecurity practices for a safer digital environment.

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Risk of Reputational Damage

Enhance cybersecurity reporting by balancing empathy for both companies and individuals affected by data breaches, emphasizing the human impact and consequences. This approach maintains audience trust and offers a comprehensive view of cybersecurity incidents, highlighting the importance of protecting personal data.

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