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IT WORLD CANADA: Cyber Security Awareness Month starts with disappointing Canadian survey

According to a new survey by KPMG Canada released at the beginning of Cyber Security Awareness month, few firms are prepared to face most cyber attacks. Only 56% said their firm tests the effectiveness of their cyber-defences, and fewer than 2 in 5 believe they can fully detect and fend off cyberattacks.

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THE WHITE HOUSE: A Proclamation on Cybersecurity Month, 2021

American President Biden recently issued a press release for the beginning of this year’s Cybersecurity Month. This October, the United States government says they are recommitting to securing and protecting internet-connected devices, technology, and networks from cyber threats at work, home school, and elsewhere.

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Financial Fraud

THE GUARDIAN: Fraud in UK at level where it ‘poses national security threat’

According to UK Finance, criminals have stolen £754 million from bank customers in the first half of 2021. Fraudsters have capitalized on the pandemic to ramp up their operations, some targeting children as young as 14 years old through social media. 

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FORBES: Cyberbullying Remains Rampant on Social Media

Research from earlier this year suggests that social media has a negative effect on young people – for example, Instagram made body image worse for one in three teenage girls. The proliferation of social media has also, reports suggest, increased the volume of cyberbullying amongst younger people.

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FORBES: How Real-World Incident Response Can Guide Cybersecurity Strategy

Most organizations lock up their physical facilities for the night, but not nearly enough take the same care with their cybersecurity. As cases of ransomware, cyber theft, and other cyberattacks increase, it’s more important than ever to rethink your cybersecurity strategy.

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Nonprofit Security

BIZTECH MAGAZINE: What Cloud Security Posture Management Looks Like for Nonprofits

Cloud computing holds a lot of benefits for nonprofits, including assistance with fundraising and volunteer management. However, as cloud reliance grows, so does the associated risk. As such, cloud security posture management is becoming of even greater importance.

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New Tech

THE VERGE: Google Nest Releases its New Indoor Nest Cam and Floodlight Camera

Google has just released the latest addition to their Smart Home series: the Nest Cam, which uses on-device intelligence to detect people, animals, and vehicles, rather than pure motion. Google also has a number of other Smart Home devices they plan to release in the near future.

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