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GLOBAL NEWS: TTC Cyberattack May Have Stolen Information from Up to 25K Employees, Former Employees

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The TTC is now saying that the ransomware attack that occurred two weeks ago may have resulted in the loss of the personal information of up to 25,000 employees. This information may include names, addresses, and social insurance numbers. Those who may have been affected will have credit monitoring and identity theft protection provided by the agency.

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DIGITAL JOURNAL: Different Type of Business Stocktaking: Time for a Cybersecurity Check-Up?

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Cyberattacks continue to affect businesses in a multitude of ways. According to cybersecurity expert Josh Rickard, it is important for businesses to re-assess their cybersecurity systems periodically. This is true especially in the context of 2021, which has seen numerous cyberattacks, including ransomware.

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FORBES: “Password” Isn’t a Password, and Other Cybersecurity Mistakes

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Often, security breaches are caused by simple failures. There are cases of complex software attacks, but even those attacks depend on someone making simple mistakes at some point. To avoid security breaches and prevent cyberattacks, some simple solutions exist: multi-factor authentication, restricting administrative privileges, and updating systems, for example.

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SECURITY INTELLIGENCE: Non-Traditional Cybersecurity Career Paths: How to Find Your Own Way

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Cybersecurity professionals find their way into the industry through a number of unique, non-traditional ways. This article examines the myriad ways that you could potentially become a cybersecurity expert yourself!

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WASHINGTON POST: Senators Want a Surge in Cyber Help for Schools

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A group of senators argue that the United States Education Department is not keeping up with the increase in K-12 cyberattacks that has happened over the past few years. Schools have been the victims of ransomware attacks more recently, but the Education Department’s main planning documents for school threats are old and deal mostly with physical security.

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ROBINHOOD: Robinhood Announces Data Security Incident

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Robinhood, the stock trading and investing app, announces that they experienced a data security incident November 3. Apparently, an unauthrozed third party obtained access to a limited amount of personal information for a portion of their customers. Robinhood believes that no social security numbers, bank account numbers, or debit card numbers were exposed; however, email addresses of 5 million people and other personal information has been taken.

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