Revolutionary New Cybersafety Curriculum for Youth Community Groups

Empower your youth community group with digital skills!

With a focus on personal cybersafety skills, youth will learn fundamental aspects of the cybersecurity industry from data protection to social engineering awareness, and everything in between. Participants will be introduced to unique topics in each module and discover how each topic is applicable to real-world cybersecurity professions. This groundbreaking curriculum is specifically designed for youth community groups, offering an unparalleled opportunity for these organizations to equip their participants with crucial cybersafety knowledge. By integrating this curriculum into their programs, community groups can play a pivotal role in fostering a safer digital future for Canadian youth. This is the FIRST cybersecurity course of its kind available in Canada, and we’re thrilled to help Canadian youth advance their digital skills through this innovative educational journey.

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We are thrilled to announce the launch of our early access group, where several youth community groups will have the opportunity to experience our course before anyone else and provide feedback on the project. This early access group has limited spots available, so register as soon as possible to guarantee your organization a spot!

Our goal is to demystify the path to a career in cybersecurity, showcasing its accessibility to students from all backgrounds and locations. Our course uniquely highlights the four key domains of the Canadian Cyber Security Skills Framework: Securely Provision, Operate and Maintain, Oversee and Govern, and Protect and Defend. By aligning industry certifications and educational pathways with these domains, we provide a clear, structured roadmap for students. Youth community groups can explore various pathways to success in cybersecurity, particularly through online education and certification programs. This approach gains significance in light of a recent ISC2 study, revealing that 67% of organizations are now investing in certification programs for their staff, addressing the critical shortage of certified professionals in the market. Our course not only educates but also guides students through these domains, illustrating how each certification and educational choice can lead to rewarding career opportunities in cybersecurity.

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Digital media literacy is not just important; it’s essential. Starting early to develop these skills is critical for students to effectively navigate and thrive in the future digital landscape. While this course is an introductory step and not designed to create cybersecurity experts overnight, it serves as an excellent foundation. The demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals is soaring globally, with organizations facing challenges in filling vital positions. The stark reality of this shortage is highlighted in Fortinet’s 2023 cybersecurity skills gap report, revealing a concerning 50% increase in organizations experiencing five or more data breaches from 2021 to 2022. By providing Canadian youth community groups with the necessary tools to cultivate their cybersecurity knowledge and skills, we’re not just educating them; we’re proactively shaping a competent and prepared cybersecurity workforce for the future.

Revolutionary New Cybersafety Curriculum for Youth Community Groups

The world needs 3.4 million more cybersecurity professionals to support today’s global economy. However, today’s education systems aren’t equipped to fulfil the skill shortage this industry is facing. A report from ICTC and the University of Waterloo explains “Current students of the K-12 education system have stated school only taught “very basic computing skills and didn’t prepare them with the technology skills they needed for their planned careers.”. The source of this problem is clear when considering that “Presently only New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and British Columbia offer curriculum guidelines for cybersecurity, computer programming, and digital literacy. The remaining provinces do not address these skills in their curriculum guidelines.”.  While the public school system in Canada lags, students must have access to this information through other means. This is the exact problem we’re working to solve with our brand-new course: Charting your Course to Cybersecurity.

Our aim is to craft an unparalleled learning experience for our participants, and we highly value your input to achieve this mission. After months of dedicated development tailored specifically for Canadian students, we’re proud to present this course. The funding of this project through NetGood by CIRA enables us to offer this comprehensive cybersecurity curriculum completely free of charge to youth community groups. Your feedback plays a crucial role in refining and enhancing the course, ensuring that we not only meet but exceed educational expectations. Together, we can make a significant impact in advancing cybersecurity education for young Canadians.

Chart Your Course
Revolutionary New Cybersafety Curriculum for Youth Community Groups

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