Location Sharing Risks in Taylor Swift’s ‘The Black Dog

Picture depicting location sharing and its risks.

Taylor Swift’s ‘The Black Dog’ has people flooding the London Pub after referencing it in the newly released single. It’s undoubtedly catchy, and while singing along we were reminded of a cybersafety topic that needs to be talked about: location sharing.

I am someone who, until recent events
You shared your secrets with
And your location
You forgot to turn it off

And so I watch as you walk
Into some bar called The Black Dog
And pierce new holes in my heart
You forgot to turn it off

“The Black Dog” -Taylor Swift

Sharing your location can feel like a lifesaver when venturing into unfamiliar territories or ensuring a loved one can find you in case of an emergency. However, there are also significant risks including the threat of stalkers exploiting this information, the pervasive reach of ad tracking, and the potential sneaky social engineering tricks that can catch even the savviest of us off guard. So, while sharing your location has its benefits, it’s essential to learn about the drawbacks, and empower yourself against them!

Regularly review your device and app permissions

It’s important to revisit device and app permissions regularly, and to revisit whether you’re still comfortable sharing your location with people who might not play an active role in your life anymore. Relationships constantly change and evolve and so should your digital boundaries. And if your relationship comes to an end, your location sharing should too.

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Location Sharing Benefits

The best-case scenario for continuing to share your location with an ex (or forgetting to turn it off, in Joe Alwyn’s case) is heartbreak. Watching an ex-partner move on with their life is emotionally distressing for anyone, even Taylor Swift. So, do yourself a favour and give your heart a break from the digital distress.

Location Sharing Drawbacks

The worst-case scenario can be much more complex. Technology can be misused as a tool to control, intimidate, and harm people and there are serious risks involved in sharing your location with a partner, or ex-partner when in an abusive situation.

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Remember, be cautious when location sharing. When a relationship ends, so should the permission to see each other’s whereabouts.

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