Fraud Prevention Month: Free Courses for Young Heroes!

As we approach the end of Fraud Prevention Month, we want to remind you that fraud prevention is much more than a month-long campaign. Here at the KnowledgeFlow Cybersafety Foundation, it’s the very core of our values and the driving force behind all our objectives. That said, we’re excited to wrap up the month by highlighting two of our courses designed specifically for children and youth.

Cybersafety Courses Designed for Canadian Kids!

7 Cyber Savvy Skills

FREE Cybersafety course for kids in celebration of fraud prevention month

Our newest addition to the cybersafety academy, 7 Cyber Savvy Skills was designed for our youngest Cybersafety superheroes!

This course focuses on both HOW and WHY to keep your information private and secure online. Knowing what NOT to do online is great, but knowing WHY is even better. These 7 skills can be immediately put into practice and continue to be used throughout the rest of your life!

Watch the video at home or school and then quiz your friends and family to see if they know the 7 Cyber Savvy Skills themselves!

10 Immutable Rules of Cybersafety

Certified cybersecurity expert and KnowledgeFlow founder and CEO: Claudiu Popa has condensed all the essential guidelines for keeping your information private and secure into 10 easy-to-follow rules. Watch the dynamic video, complete engaging group activities, and use our tip sheets, lesson plans, and discussion guides to further your comprehension and educate your friends and family! This course is appropriate for students of all ages and is applicable to adults as well.

claudius 10 immutable rules of cybersafety

Empowering Youth with Engaging Education

By raising awareness, sharing knowledge, and fostering a culture of digital vigilance, we can empower Canadian youth to create a safer online future for themselves.

Join us in making Canadians #UnHackable! Visit the KnowledgeFlow Cybersafety Academy for more information on our courses and register today!

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Join Us in Becoming #UnHackable

Cybersafety Academy

The KnowledgeFlow Cybersafety Academy is home to a wealth of knowledge and resources all designed to empower users to navigate their digital spaces both privately and securely. We offer multiple courses covering a range of topics including data privacy and security, cyberbullying prevention, secure online communication, and digital ethics.

Designed by certified cybersecurity experts, each of our courses are structured to provide comprehensive, easy-to-understand content. Our use of real-world applications and examples ensure users’ thorough comprehension of course concepts, allowing them to apply their newly acquired skills in their everyday lives. Interactive forums encourage student discussions and collaboration, fostering a more vibrant learning community.

Start exploring today and empower yourself with the knowledge to stay safe online!

Explore Our Cybersafety Academy

Cybersafety Academy

Project KnowledgeShare

A project partnership between the Durham Regional Police, Town of Ajax, Victim Services of Durham Region, and KnowledgeFlow Cybersafety Foundation: Project KnowledgeShare is combatting cybercrime through collaboration. The project helps empower the most vulnerable members of our society to fight back against cybercrime. Funded in part by Ontario’s Safer and Vital Communities Grant.

Preventing cybercrime through community collaboration

Stay in the Fraud Prevention Month loop!

Empowering individuals through awareness, Fraud Prevention Month (FPM) is an annual campaign designed to help people recognize, reject, and report fraud. By equipping people to better identify and therefore thwart fraudulent schemes, FPM aims to make the world safer and more secure for everyone.

Follow along, stay connected, and join the conversation using the hashtag #FPM2024 on social media.

For more information on Fraud Prevention Month 2024 visit Canada’s Competition Bureau

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