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MICROSOFT: Strengthening Cyber Defenses for Nonprofits

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Microsoft recently launched Security Program for Nonprofits, a new set of security tools designed specifically for nonprofit organizations in the face of increasing cyberthreats over the past year. This set of tools includes data breach notifications, free security assessments, and training for IT administrators and end users.

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NORTON LABS BLOG: October Consumer Cyber Safety Pulse Report

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Despite the prevalence of COVID-19 related scams over the past several months, number one on the list of scam threats is tech support scams (which usually arrive as pop-ups and claim that your computer faces a security threat). Tech support scams have proliferated because of an increased reliance on technology, and they simply work.

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THE CONVERSATION: Cyberattacks to Critical Infrastructure Threaten Our Safety and Well-Being

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Our society is heavily dependent on many critical infrastructures: energy, finance, food, transportation, and so much more. But over the past several months, a series of ransomware and other cyberattacks has highlighted the fragility of these systems. Where does that leave the security of our critical infrastructure?

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THIRD FORCE NEWS: Scotland Leads the Way in Making Cyber Security Advice Accessible to Everyone

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During this year’s Cyber Security Month, the CyberScotland Partnership is promoting newly created accessible format versions of cybersecurity advice and guidance. These resources are accessible to people who are deaf or hard of hearing, visually impaired, have learning or cognitive difficulties, and others who experience barriers.

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THE VERGE: Snapchat Wants to make Itself Safer for Teens with More Parental Controls

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As Facebook faces scrutiny over privacy concerns, Snap is proactively taking steps to safeguard their youngest users by working on a set of family safety fools. CEO Evan Spiegel’s hope is to open a dialogue between parents and children about their experiences with the app. An in-house parental control system called the “Family Center” is in development.

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Federal Law

NATIONAL POST: Privacy Commissioner Not Consulted over Controversial Online Harms Bill

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The federal privacy commissioner, Daniel Therrien, was not consulted by the federal government in developing its online harms bill, proposed legislation that could significantly impact Canadians’ privacy. This bill would require social media and other online platforms to monitor and take down, within 24 hours, illegal content in five categories.

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