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CNBC: Microsoft Announces Plan to Cut Cybersecurity Workforce Shortage in Half by 2025

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Microsoft plans to partner with community colleges across the United States and provide free resources in an effort to close the gap on the shortage of cybersecurity workers. Microsoft’s plan involves training and recruiting 250,000 workers by 2025, and is also intended to help diversify the cybersecurity industry.

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BETAKIT: IBM Canada, University of Ottawa to Build Cybersecurity Learning Facility

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IBM Canada and the University of Ottawa are partnering together to build and operate an experiential learning facility that will provide cybersecurity research. IBM is committing over $20 million to the initiative and the University of Ottawa $7 million over the next five years.

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THE CONVERSATION: You Know How to Identify Phishing Emails – A Cybersecurity Researcher Explains How to Trust Your Instincts to Foil the Attacks

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Phishing emails can be dangerously deceptive. However, even some of the best phishing emails quickly make people suspicious. As Rick Wash explains, sometimes the best way to avoid phishing attacks is to be vigilant for the signs, and follow your instincts.

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SEON: Global Cybercrime Report: Which Countries Are Most at Risk?

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How does the threat of cybercrime differ around the world? The latest research from SEON shows that Denmark, Germany, and the United States are the three countries with the lowest risk of cyber threat, based on strength of cybersecurity, legislation, and technology, with Canada clocking in not too far behind at number six.

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CBC NEWS: Toronto Transit System Hit by Ransomware Attack, TTC Says No Significant Disruptions

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The TTC is the latest ransomware victim, as hackers recently targeted the transit company’s computer systems. Stuart Green, TTC spokesman, indicated that there were no significant disruptions to service, and the public and employees are not at risk.

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