Safe Searching Online For Kids

Ensure internet safety for your kids with our quick reference guide on Safe Searching Online For Kids. Discover how to utilize SafeSearch technology, kid-friendly search sites, parental controls, and safe search apps to protect your children while they explore the web. Download our guide now to keep your kids safe online! View our parental resources page down below.

safe searching online parent and kid


5 Ways Kids Can Stay Safe While Searching

  • If using Google, employ SafeSearch technology and turn on explicit results filter in settings.
  • Sites like and are powered by Google and ensure safe search can NOT be turned off.
  • These sites offer other filtering tools: Safe Images, Safe Wiki search, and Safe Video search.
  • Utilize parental controls on all devices to ensure inappropriate content is already filtered.
  • Use safe search apps on mobile devices and ensure other search apps are removed.
Courses for Children

7 Cyber Savvy Skills

Check out our 7 Cyber Savvy Skills Course down below. This course is tailored for our youngest Cybersafety Super Heroes! Watch this at home or at school, then test your families and friends to see if they know the 7 Cyber Savvy Skills.