Making Parental Controls Effective

Ensure internet safety for your kids with our guide on Parental Control Layers! Discover how to protect your children online using multiple layers of control, including router settings, device restrictions, specialized services, and monitoring apps. Our tip sheet provides a summary of strategies to create a secure online environment, effectively managing and monitoring your child’s internet usage. Safeguard your family’s privacy and security with these practical and easy-to-implement solutions.

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layered parental control


4 Layered steps

  • Routers with parental control, router settings and router plug-ins.
  • Built-in parental controls on phones, tablets, laptops, Chromebook, game consoles, TVs, smart home devices, and Internet of Things.
  • Content filters and privacy settings on Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, all social media and gaming services kids use.
  • Screen time management and content monitoring apps.