Finding Your Path to a Cybersecurity Career

Feeling lost on your journey to a cybersecurity career? Look no further! Within our brand-new interactive resource, Mapping Pathways to Cyber Careers, we have outlined various pathways with step-by-step guides on how to enter the Cybersecurity industry and begin your career in the field.

Whether you are a high school student, hold a degree in Computer Science/Tech, hold a different degree or have experience in another field and want to get into the cybersecurity industry, we have you covered. Anyone can do it! The cybersecurity industry is diverse and does not require a singular skillset or degree requirement.

Check out our interactive map and begin charting your pathway to a cybersecurity career today!

finding your cybersecurity career path
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Cybersafety for your classroom

At KnowledgeFlow, we emphasize the significance of cybersafety education for both educators and students. Understanding and teaching essential cyber safety practices can protect both teachers and students from online risks. By fostering safe technology use in the classroom, students can learn to navigate the digital world securely. Learn how to create #UnHackable classrooms!