Browser Bookmarks: how they help you avoid online fraud

Use this visual to remind yourself and others to use Bookmarks! Using Bookmarks in your browser not only keeps you more organized online but also protects you from scammers! Share this resource to empower others with the knowledge to navigate the digital world securely.

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browser bookmarks being used by senior working with a laptop
Browser bookmarks ensures that you are taken to the correct URL each time. This prevents typo squatting, where fraudsters register a URL variation of a legitimate website.


How Bookmarks Defeat Fraudsters



Bookmarking or Favourting sites that you use regularly ensures that you are taken to the correct URL or website each time.


Prevents Typosquatting

This prevents typosquatting, where fraudsters register a URL that is a slight variation of a legitimate website’s domain name in order to deceive users.

Correct website:


Help Avoid Using Search Engines

Bookmarks help avoid using search engines, which can show fraudulent copycat sites disguised as paid, promoted ads. Use ad-blocking software if you must search.


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