Cybersafety Tipsheet:

Discover the power of cybersafety education with KnowledgeFlow’s “Be #UnHackable” tipsheet. This visual representation outlines four key aspects: be private, be secure, be skeptical, and be positive. Learn how to protect your privacy and data, ensuring a safer online experience. Embrace these principles and become #UnHackable today!

teaching cybersafety to a child in front of laptop


Cybersafety Principles

Four main principles that will come in handy:

  • Protect your info
  • Use an ‘online persona’
  • Post/share sparingly
  • Be extremely cautious with photos/webcams
  • Verify if info sources are reliable or sketchy
  • Recognize the signs of scams and fraud
  • Limit interactions with ‘online strangers’
  • Secure your devices and accounts
  • Recognize the signs of compromise
  • Use password best practices
  • Block and report bad behaviour
  • Get help from a trusted adult when appropriate
  • Interact with others in a safe and fun way

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