Fraud Prevention Month: Ultimate Password Manager Guide

March is Fraud Prevention Month (FPM). An annual awareness campaign that empowers individuals to recognize, reject, and report fraud.

65% of people use the same password for multiple accounts

Using a unique password for each of your accounts is a critical step to stay safe and secure online. During our cybersafety events there’s always a bit of grumbling in response to this advice… Until we introduce them to the magic of a password manager!

What is a password manager?

A password manager program helps you to create and store the passwords for all of your accounts in one secure place.

Do I really need to use a different password for every account?

The simple answer: yes! The best way to be secure online is to use a unique password for each account. Having weak or repetitive passwords makes it easy for fraudsters to gain access to your accounts, putting your data, money, and even your identity at risk.

The most secure passwords contain a unique and complex combination of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, special characters, spaces, and words that are unrelated to your personal information. It’s often recommended to use a phrase you can easily remember, and to avoid dictionary words which are the most easily guessed.

Understandably, when you have dozens of accounts all requiring a unique password, creating and storing them all can become quite the challenge.

Why should I use a password manager?

Password managers do the heavy lifting by creating and securely storing your passwords for you. Some managers feature generators that allow you to adjust the length and what type of special characters are included and provide a strength score of the password being created.

They can also keep track of the lies you use for security questions allowing you to stay pseudonymous online.

How to use a password manager

Check out our How to Use a Password Manager video for help on how to get started using a password manager, generating passwords, utilizing secure notes, and more.

Never type a password again!

Another benefit of using a password manager is never having to manually type a password again. When logging into your accounts you simply copy the password from the manager and paste it into the login field. Copy + pasting your passwords rather than typing them reduces the likelihood of your information being intercepted by keyloggers: a malicious software or hardware that records everything you type on your keyboard, including your passwords.

View, Download, Print, And Share Our ‘Password Managers’ Tip sheet Resource

Download our password manager tip sheet here.

3 things to consider when choosing a password manager

  • Who makes the password manager you’re thinking of adopting?
  • Does it only work on your computer or your phone or is it portable?
  • Do their privacy policy and terms of service inspire confidence, or do they hint that they can access and share your data with others?

Which Password Manager should I use?

There are many free password managers with great reviews to choose from. Visit our Safer Password Managers resource to see the most popular password management websites and how they rank against one another.

Project KnowledgeShare

Project KnowledgeShare, a project partnership between Durham Regional Police, Town of Ajax, Victim Services of Durham Region, and KnowledgeFlow Cybersafety Foundation is combatting cybercrime through collaboration. Funded in part by Ontario’s Safer and Vital Communities Grant, the project helps empower the most vulnerable members of our society to fight back against cybercrime.

Preventing cybercrime through community collaboration

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