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Seniors (55+) should have the same access and freedom to the online world as everyone else, but unfortunately are often the targets of online scams. To combat this, we are dedicated to empowering our community through comprehensive education about the online world and the associated risks.

Our mission focuses on helping elders navigate the complexities of online interactions, recognize potential scams, and protecting their personal information. By fostering digital literacy and awareness, we strive to create a safer online environment for our seniors, ensuring they can enjoy the benefits of technology without falling prey to fraud.

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we are combatting Cybercrime through education.

Get started at our Cybersecurity Academy and learn about best practices for online safety and privacy.

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Course 1
Protect Your Information

Protect your information whether you are posting on social media, doing online banking or surfing the web.

Course 2
Protect Your Device

Protect your device against prying eyes, privacy invasive apps and other snooping methods.

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Course 3
Scams: Spot Them and Stop Them

Learn how to recognize the most common scams and their red flags. See real examples of scams and learn how to avoid them and what to do if you see one.

Our Newest Initiative


Designed by seniors for seniors, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at reducing the impact of cyber fraud and online scams.

An ongoing program

To test your ability to detect phishing scams.

An application

To educate you about signs of phishing.

an engaging course

To elevate your digital literacy around phishing.

Prefer In-Person Learning?

Contact us to set up an in-person learning session at your community center!