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Attention teachers! The Cybersafety Champion Program has been delivered in both public and private school boards, through local public libraries, parent councils, community groups, and privately sponsored events across Canada. This program empowers participants with essential cybersafety knowledge and skills, enabling them to become advocates for online security within their communities. Through engaging training and resources, this program fosters a culture of digital responsibility and awareness, helping to create a safer online environment for everyone.

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cybersafety champion flyer

“40% of kids in grade 4-8 reported they connected or chatted online with a stranger.”

“20% of youth have received content online that made them feel uncomfortable.”


cybersituational Awareness:
The 10 most important syllables in your child’s digital life



Students learn to assess the risk and possible consequences of online activities and actions.
Our programs focus on KnowledgeFlow’s First Principles of Cybersafety:
Be Private, Be Secure, Be Skeptical, Be Positive



Once students are aware of HOW to protect themselves, their devices and their information, they are empowered to recognize online risks and mitigate them. Protecting others, including friends and family, becomes a positive focus in their online lives.



Programming is customized by age group. Further customization is available based on your school or group’s specific requirements. We highly recommend hosting additional sessions with optional adult/parent attendance.

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Cybersafety for your classroom

At KnowledgeFlow, we emphasize the significance of cybersafety education for both educators and students. Understanding and teaching essential cyber safety practices can protect both teachers and students from online risks. By fostering safe technology use in the classroom, students can learn to navigate the digital world securely. Learn how to create #UnHackable classrooms!