Disinformation: The Nature of Facts and Lies in the Post-Truth Era

Donald A. Barclay’s novel demonstrates how the emergence of digital technology into everyday life has knitted together a number of seemingly loosely related forces-historical, psychological, economic, and culture-to create the post-truth culture. Readers will better understand how we got to where we now are, see how we can move beyond a culture in which facts are too easily dismissed, and develop a few highly practical skills for separating truth from lies.

Doubt is Their Product: How Industry’s Assault on Science Threatens Your Health

David Michaels reveals how the tobacco industry’s dishonest tactics spawned a multimillion dollar industry that is dismantling public health safeguards. Product defense consultants, he argues, have increasingly skewed the scientific literature, manufactured and magnified scientific uncertainty, and influenced policy decisions to the advantage of polluters and the manufacturers of dangerous products.

‘The Triumph of Doubt’ digs into how dark money fuels mistrust of science

Former Obama and Clinton official David Michaels details how corrupt science becomes public policy — and where it’s happening today. The Triumph of Doubt traces the ascendance of science-for-hire in American life and government, from its origins in the tobacco industry in the 1950s to its current manifestations across government, public policy, and even professional sports.