What’s the Harm – CYC Version

1. Play Instructions

Ready to put your cybersituational awareness skills to the test? Get ready for a challenge that will sharpen your knowledge about the risks of online practices.

Final Score Legend

Single Player

Here’s the game plan: Start by reading the questions on the front of each card and jotting down your answers. Then, flip the card to see if you hit the bullseye! Don’t forget to keep track of your score for each correct answer on the sleek scorecard provided.

Multi Player

Here’s the game plan: Divide your group into teams of 2 or more players. Team A starts by picking a card and reading the question on the front of that card. Team A gives their answer to Team B who flips the card to see the recommended answer and scores Team A’s answer on the scorecard based on how many points the answer included. Then Team B repeats the same steps and Team A scores their answer.

2. The Scorecard

Print as many scorecards are required based on the number of teams/individuals playing.

3. The Game

Trusting Apps FRONT
Trusting Apps BACK
Reusing Passwords on Multiple Accounts FRONT
Reusing Passwords on Multiple Accounts BACK
Clicking on a Phishing Link or Email FRONT
Clicking on a Phishing Link or Email BACK
Chatting with Strangers Online FRONT
Chatting with Strangers Online BACK
Backup Contacts FRONT
Backup Contacts BACK
Oversharing on Social Media FRONT 2
Oversharing on Social Media BACK
Seeing Online Ads FRONT
Seeing Online Ads BACK
Giving out Your Password FRONT 1
Giving out Your Password BACK
Skipping Software Updates FRONT
Skipping Software Updates BACK
Click on Clickbait FRONT
Click on Clickbait BACK
Linking Multiple Devices FRONT
Linking Multiple Devices BACK
Sideloading Apps FRONT
Sideloading Apps BACK
Location Tracking FRONT
Location Tracking BACK
Filing Sharing FRONT
Filing Sharing BACK
Being Non Pseudonymous FRONT
Being Non Pseudonymous BACK
Digital Footprint FRONT
Digital Footprint BACK
Accepting Cookies FRONT
Accepting Cookies BACK
Attack Planes Vectors FRONT
Attack Planes Vectors BACK