Video Chat Security Tips

Ensure your online meetings are secure and private with our Video Chat Security Tips. This guide offers essential advice on protecting your virtual conferences from potential threats. Learn how to use strong passwords, enable encryption, and manage participants effectively. Discover best practices for safeguarding your personal information and maintaining confidentiality during video calls. Stay informed and make your video conferencing experience safe and secure with these practical tips.

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From our KnowledgeConnect program this sheet highlights how to have video chats safely and privately:

Video Chat Safety English Tip Sheet


Tips for Safe and Private Conferencing

Seven points that will come in handy:

Or from a Verified app store. Hackers often post links to similar sounding products or websites with similar spelling.

Look for privacy red flags like sharing info with third parties. Disable settings that allow the app to process your contact list.

This means that only you and the other participant can hear or see the chat. Check to ensure that this is turned on as some programs don’t enable it by default.

Undetected malware may make your video chats vulnerable.

Don’t post or share the password to the chat. Lock the chat so that additional participants can’t join without your knowledge.

This ensures you aren’t broadcasting until you are ready. Use generic or blurred backgrounds so that you don’t accidentally record people or information in the background.

Be cautious when sharing personal information like health and financial details during a video chat. Be especially careful if you are using public wifi.


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