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The KnowledgeFlow Cybersafety Foundation Is Canada’s ONLY Non-Profit Dedicated Exclusively To Cybersafety Education And Innovation.

Our Initiatives

KnowledgeShare is a community partnership between KnowledgeFlow Cybersafety Foundation, Durham Regional Police Service, Victim Services of Durham Region, & The Town of Ajax.

69% of seniors have experienced a fraud attempt

28 Million Canadians have been impacted by cybersecurity incidents

Our Top Resources on Scams that Target Adults 55+

Romance Scams: How to Spot One

If your new relationship partner has asked for gift cards, loans, or payment of any kind to travel to meet you or deal with a personal emergency, proceed with caution. Romance scams can…

The Fake Invoice Scam – Visual

Be wary of emails and texts claiming that your subscription has been renewed or that there is a problem with your payment. Links may take you to fraudulent websites and attachments may contain…

Common Online Scams Part 1

With the internet now right in our pockets, the opportunities for online scams are endless. Make sure not to fall for these common scams