Scammer Trick: Caller ID Spoofing. Why you can no longer trust your call Display

Scammers can impersonate any phone number and any organization through ‘spoofing’. You can no longer trust the name and number on your display, no matter what type of phone you use. Fraudsters use this trick to conduct scams of all kinds. They will impersonate police, a government department, a bank, a hospital, or any other organization to trick you into providing personal information or to send payment in some form.

You can no longer trust that a caller is legitimate based on caller ID. Scammers can fake any number and any organization!

CTV Consumer Alert: Caller ID Spoofing

Following a Call Spoofing warning issued by York Regional Police, KnowledgeFlow Co-Founder and #cybersecurity expert Claudiu Popa joins CTV’s Pat Foran to explain why you can no longer trust your Caller ID.

York Region Residents are receiving calls from what appears to be the Newmarket courthouse. Residents are told that they owe money and must pay immediately or risk their assets being ceased or frozen. (Remember: urgency and requests for payment are both scam RED FLAGS!)

Watch the full interview to learn about the latest technology traps and how to avoid them!