EdTech Data Protection Tools

Ensure the security and privacy of student data with our comprehensive EdTech Data Protection Tools. Our tools help educational institutions and vendors implement robust data protection measures, including annual professional security audits, secure data disposal mechanisms, and standardized frameworks for data protection.

We emphasize the importance of informed consent, collaboration on incident response testing, and transparent privacy policies. Safeguard your students’ digital experience by blocking non-educational content and ensuring all stakeholders understand their accountability in protecting student data.

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  • Does the vendor have evidence of annual professional, external security and privacy auditing?
  • Is there a complete inventory of suppliers and contractors used to secure the vendor’s supply chain?
  • Is there evidence of a tested mechanism for the secure disposal of student data?
  • Can the platform’s controls be trusted to avoid the overcollection or aggregation of sensitive data?
  • Is there a standardized framework in use for the protection of data, from the SDLC to the enforcement of policies?
  • Does the educational institution collaborate with the vendor on annual incident response testing based on real scenarios?
  • Do parents receive direct notice requiring them to provide informed consent to collect, use or disclose children’s data?
  • When using the Web on school computers are all trackers, ads and non-educational content blocked?
  • Is express consent used to inform parents/guardians when student (meta)data is accessed beyond 3rd parties?
  • Can all students understand the privacy policy of the school, and validate or verify data protection practices themselves?
  • Are monitoring controls in place to immediately detect all unauthorized access to student data and subsequent abuses?
  • Are board administrators and educators aware that they are accountable for any adverse outcomes of their edtech use?
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Cybersafety for your classroom

At KnowledgeFlow, we emphasize the significance of cybersafety education for both educators and students. Understanding and teaching essential cyber safety practices can protect both teachers and students from online risks. By fostering safe technology use in the classroom, students can learn to navigate the digital world securely. Learn how to create #UnHackable classrooms!