UnHackathon 2023

Design Challenge

Discovering how to spot fake news and sneaky tricks online can turn you into a super-smart digital detective! By learning about disinformation, you’ll boost your brainpower, become internet-savvy, and be an awesome digital citizen. 🌎🚀🔍

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The Design Challenge

Your challenge is to create your own list of Key Indicators of Deception for spotting disinformation. What do you think are the red flags of an online scam, a misleading news article, or a false advertising campaign?

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Conduct Your Research

Using the CRISP Scan techniques (and others below), do some online research to spot disinformation. Good places to look are newsfeeds, social media and privacy policies.

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Create Your Entry

Once you have your list of Key Indicators of Deception, create your entry to educate others about your list. You can make anything: video, blog, podcast, poster, song, webpage, game, whatever.

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Submit Your Entry

Submit your creation on UnHackathon.ca. Don’t forget to review the judging guidelines to make sure your entry gets full marks!

About Disinformation

The CRISP Scan
The CRISP Scan

Research Resources

Below are 2 outstanding Canadian resources for learning HOW to spot disinformation with great examples.

Find the Facts
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Break the Fake

More Info for Teachers

Info For Teachers