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Our Super Squad Partner Presentations

Responsible Internet Citizenship

Claudiu Popa key note presentation

Claudiu Popa, KnowledgeFlow Founder and CEO Datarisk Canada

What does it mean to have integrity online? We will talk about how important it is to be honest and truthful when communicating with others online. This discussion will focus on how to make ethical decisions when posting, sharing, and commenting on content online. We will also discuss the importance of respecting others’ privacy and personal information online. By the end of the workshop, students will have a better understanding of how to be responsible internet citizens, and teachers will have resources and tools to continue the conversation in their classrooms.

Suggested Resources for Further Class Discussion

It’s Time to be #UnHackable

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KnowledgeFlow Cybersafety Foundation

How can you tell if information is reliable? How would you know if an app or company is credible and trustworthy? How can students develop cyber situational awareness? What is the secret to being a cybersafety champion? In this presentation we will discuss how students can develop their interests and curiosity to improve their unique corner of the internet. There are many cybersafety secrets hiding in plain sight.

Suggested Resources for Further Class Discussion

CyberStart Canada

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Immersive Cybersecurity Training

CyberStart Canada uses gamification to measurably improve cyber-related knowledge and skills, and increase interest in cybersecurity careers among an engaged community of students aged 13-18 across Canada.

Want to receive a National CyberDay 2023 Participant badge?
1️⃣ Register for CyberStart Canada between Oct 2 – Oct 31 (It’s free!)
2️⃣ Complete a minimum of two CyberStart challenges before October 31

Suggested Resources for Further Class Discussion

Cyber Legends

Cyber Legends

Battle Bad Robots. Save the Colony

All the complexities of internet safety – distilled into engaging, well-tested, curriculum-aligned, and beautifully structured lesson plans for grades 1–8. Cyber Legends video game immerses students in scenarios that lead to in-game assignments. This problem-based approach helps develop critical thinking and communication skills. Students assimilate concepts effortlessly–all while defeating Lord Hacker. As students play Cyber Legends, reports appear in the teacher dashboard. This information shows teachers where students are excelling, and where there’s room for improvement. We make it easy for you to tailor your focus and guide the assessment process.

Logics Academy

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A Playground for Innovative Minds

Logics Academy is a Canadian Leader in providing K-12 STEM, Robotics & Coding solutions and in developing rich, comprehensive learning materials for students in the classroom and at home.

CyberPi – The highly anticipated single-board computer fully packed with advanced electronic sensors, actuators and communication modules is here! Lessons and curriculum built with Canadian educators in mind, are now ready and aligned to various cross-curricular subject areas across all provinces and territories. This includes Math, Science, Technology, Language Arts and more! Our block-based beginner and advanced lessons help students in Grades 6-8 gain confidence in coding as they slowly transition to more complex coding languages. Our text-based beginner and advanced lessons help students in Grades 9-12 apply their learning in the Python language with CyberPi and take their coding skills to the next level.


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Equipping students with critical skills for a digital-based economy

The ICTC’s CyberTitan initiative aims to provide middle and secondary school students with hands-on learning experience in simulated cyber threat environments to develop the critical digital skills needed to success in STEM programs and a variety of professional fields.

Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

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Centre of Excellence for Digital Innovation

Opportunities for K-12 students to expand their knowledge of digital technologies and emerging technological innovations. Explore learning activities, career profiles and experiential learning opportunities.