CyberSecurED Podcast Series – Privacy and Security Education

This 10-episode podcast series, hosted by Cybersecurity professional and KnowledgeFlow Cybersafety Foundation founder Claudiu Popa, tackles privacy and security in public education. It is made for teachers, educators, principals, and administration. Listen here.

Episode 1: Is #Edtech Broken?

Episode 2: Are Schools Ready for data breaches

Episode 3: who is responsible for due diligence for technology in the classroom?

Episode 4: what are the technology survival skills for the next generation?

Episode 5: is provincial privacy legislation up to the task of protecting students and families?

Episode 6: pandemic edition of transforming education under pressure

Episode 7: how should school boards select distance learning tools that protect student privacy?

Episode 8: how can teachers and parents adopt privacy enhancing best practices?

Episode 9: How do school board IT departments maintain continuity during disruptive events?

Episode 10: series finale: does the risk to adopt edTech impact the urgency of protecting privacy?