Images générées par l'IA : Quel est le problème ?

The rise of AI-generated images presents major challenges for today’s youth, affecting them as both victims and unintentional perpetrators. Teens may experiment with these technologies, unaware of the legal and ethical consequences, leading to potential psychological distress for those depicted without consent and legal issues for the creators.

Educating teens about the serious implications of AI-Generated images and sharing such content is crucial, emphasizing digital ethics and the real-world impact of their online actions.

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  • Intelligence artificielle générative is a subcategory of AI that can produce completely novel creations, such as text, images, or music.
  • DeepFakes are highly realistic and manipulated videos or audio recordings created using artificial intelligence and machine learning. DeepFakes typically involve superimposing one person’s face onto another person’s body or manipulating voices or actions to make it appear that a person is saying or doing something they are not. This technology has been used for various purposes, including creating fake news, spreading misinformation, and in entertainment.
  • DeepNudes specifically refers to the use of AI to create or manipulate images to generate nude or sexually explicit content of individuals without their consent. The technology detects the person in a photo and then alters the image to add nudity, often with very realistic results. DeepNudes raise significant ethical and legal concerns, particularly regarding privacy, consent, and the non-consensual dissemination of explicit images.

Que dit la loi sur les images générées par l'IA ?

It depends on the age of the subject!

The Canadian Criminal Code offers strong protection for minors against exploitation by covering not just real images of children but also digitally created or altered images, including those made with AI. This ensures a broad approach to preventing and addressing sexual imagery involving minors, safeguarding against various forms of digital abuse.

Canadian law includes additional regulations covering the creation of such images:

Production de matériel pédopornographique
Harcèlement et crainte pour la sécurité
Diffusion non consensuelle d'images intimes
Communication indécente

Seek professional legal advice if…

Your teen has been the victim of DeepNude image creation or has been involved in creating/sharing such content.
If your child has been threatened with the public release of real or DeepNude images, please also refer to our resources on:
Sextortion Awareness et How to Support a Sextortion Victim

Les adultes doivent être proactifs

Why Teens Might Create DeepFake or DeepNude Content:

Teens may create DeepFake or DeepNude images for various reasons. It could start as a “funny joke” among friends or out of curiosity about new technology.

Discussing the Impact:

It’s crucial to talk to your teens about the real-life consequences of using this technology. They need to understand the potential long-term impact on victims and the serious legal and academic repercussions for themselves, such as school suspension, expulsion, or criminal charges.

Promoting Respect and Integrity:

Teach your teens to use technology with respect and integrity. Emphasize the importance of responsible behavior online.

Supporting Victims:

If your teen becomes a victim of DeepNude images, assure them of your support. Explain that while it may be a difficult time, there are resources available to help remove the images and support services they can contact.

Encouraging Open Communication:

Ensure your teen knows who to turn to for help and how to contact support services. Make it easy for them to reach out by discussing tough topics like sextortion and cyberbullying proactively, even if they haven’t mentioned any issues.

Keeping Resources Accessible:

Keep a list of available resources and a tip sheet visible at home, such as on the fridge, or provide printed copies for your teen to keep in their room. This makes it easy for them to access help when needed.

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Navigating the challenges of AI-generated images requires a joint effort from parents, educators, and communities. Stay informed, support affected individuals, and advocate for comprehensive digital safety education to create a safer online environment for our children. This resource aims to empower and guide you in addressing and preventing these issues effectively.

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