Le guide parental de la cybersécurité : 5 conseils pour les parents

Navigating the digital world can be challenging for both parents and children. Our Parental Guide to Cybersafety outlines the most important factors parents need to consider to ensure their children’s online safety. From interacting with strangers online to understanding privacy settings, this tipsheet provides practical advice to help parents protect their kids in the digital age. Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to create a safe and secure online environment for your family.

We have a platform for parents as well! Look through our parental resources below.

parent reviewing parental guide with child on the tablet
Courses for Children

7 compétences en cybernétique

Check out our 7 Cyber Savvy Skills Course down below. This course is tailored for our youngest Cybersafety Super Heroes! Watch this at home or at school, then test your families and friends to see if they know the 7 Cyber Savvy Skills.