Le guide du nouvel arrivant pour éviter les escroqueries et les fraudes

Use this visual to share and raise awareness about the Newcomer’s Guide to Avoiding Scams and Fraud! This guide provides essential tips and practical advice to help newcomers recognize and avoid common scams and fraudulent activities. Learn how to identify red flags, protect your personal information, and take proactive steps to safeguard your finances. Share this resource to empower others and create a safer community for everyone.

Learn more ways to keep safe online and be #UnHackable!
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Ressources pour les nouveaux arrivants Visual KnowledgeShare 02 03 2023

More Resources For Newcomers

Explore our tailored resources on cybersafety, privacy protection, and educational content designed specifically for this group. Our collection of tipsheets covers essential cybersecurity topics, ensuring users from all backgrounds can navigate the digital world securely. Whether you’re safeguarding personal information, learning about privacy best practices, or seeking educational resources, our page provides practical insights to help you stay safe online. Dive into our resources and enhance your digital resilience.