UnHackathon May 7th – 22nd A new concept in digital literacy and cybersafety training Stay tuned for the next contest !!!! Start Today What is an unHackathon? Discovery Who can participate? Discovery Who can participate? Participate Previous Winners Grades 3-5 Grades 6-8 Learn More Resources judging criteria creativity Submissions should be engaging. They should make…

Women In Cyber

Women in cyber We believe that everyone should have access to the same opportunities and resources in our field of work. Click To Find Resources And Activities For Women Of All Ages To Become Tech Savvy And Gain Crucial Soft Skills.

World Password Day

World password day The month of May has World Password Day. Which takes place on the first Thursday in May. Corresponding to cybersafety, meaning being secure online. How confident are you in your passwords? With passwords being your first line of defence, make sure they are as strong as possible. Click to find out how…

Safer Internet Day

Safer internet day Safer Internet Day takes place every February 8. To recognize this year’s theme of “Together for a Better Internet”, we have selected some of the best online tools and resources to help you be safer online.

Data Privacy Day

Data privacy day On January 28, Canada and many countries around the world celebrate Data Privacy Day. Highlighting the impact technology is having on our privacy rights and underlining the importance of valuing and protecting personal information. We have carefully curated a selection of privacy management resources.