Women in cyber

We believe that everyone should have access to the same opportunities and resources in our field of work. Click To Find Resources And Activities For Women Of All Ages To Become Tech Savvy And Gain Crucial Soft Skills.

Girl security

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Girl security – Girl Security aims at preparing girls, women, and gender minorities for national security through informed learning and training
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Band runner

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Band runner – A fun game that puts your knowledge about online safety to the test by asking you to help characters make safe choices
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Need help now

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Need help now – The NeedHelpNow is designed to provide youth with practical steps to regain control over the situation and stay safe online
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E-Safety guide

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E-Safety guide – Learn about the latest games, apps, and social media, including how to protect your information and report inappropriate content
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WICYS – A global community of women dedicated to bringing talented women together to celebrate and foster their passion
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Hackergals – Hackergal is a charitable organization that inspires girls across Canada to explore the opportunities in code
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CyberTitan – CyberTitan aims at preparing the next generation of students with the necessary cybersecurity skills
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