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The KnowledgeFlow Cyber Hub™ is your organization’s single source for privacy, security and compliance management. Use it wisely.

KnowledgeFlow Cyber Hub™

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  • Self-Serve
  • 24/hr Personal Dash Access
  • Multifactor access
  • Encryption at rest
  •  Privacy and Security Documentation Library
  • Downloadable Self-Assessments and Checklists
  • Self-Guided PIA Template
  • Project Management Dashboard
  •  Privacy Policy Creation Project Template
  •  Secure File Transfer and Storage
  • Direct Project Communication

$97/mth (annual billing, Special Introductory Pricing)

  • Hub Support Available
  • Everything in the Free Forever Plan
  • Up to 3 Project Team accounts
  • Team Integrated Project Management Dashboard
  • Multiple Privacy and Security Project Templates
  • Expert Project Guidance
  •  Secure File Transfer and Storage
  • Direct Project Team Communication
  • Expanded Privacy and Security Documentation Library
  • Executable Self-Assessments and Checklists
  • Incident Register
  • Cloud PIA App
  •  Privacy App Trials
  • Video Library
  • Free Set-up

$375/mth (annual billing, Special Introductory Pricing)

  • Expert Advice Available
  • TechSoup members receive an additional discount
  • Up to 50 Project Team accounts
  • Everything in the Cyber Hub Pro Plan
  • Ongoing Expert Support
  • Team Integrated Project Management Dashboard
  • FREE Facilitated PIA Project
  • FREE Facilitated Certification Project (including staff training and vendor assessment)
  • FREE Privacy by Design Implementation Project
  • FREE Annual Privacy Checkup
  • Secure File Transfer and Storage
  • Expanded Privacy and Security Documentation Library
  • Privacy Policy Library
  • Privacy by Design Documentation
  • Awareness Documentation (including security awareness campaigns, quizzes, tests, etc.)
  • Breach Central – Incident Management and Guidance
  • Executive and Board Level Privacy Briefings – 2 hours FREE
  • FREE Personalized Privacy Program Calendar

Cyber Hub™ WordPress management Additional Options

WordPress Management


  • Backups
  • Uptime Monitor
  • Security Checks


  • SEO Rankings
  • Performance Scans
  • Link Monitoring


  • SEO Rankings
  • Performance Scans
  • Link Monitoring
  • Backups
  • Uptime Monitor
  • Security Checks
understand applicable laws and regulations 


The legal requirements for privacy and data security pertaining to Nonprofits and Charities is complex and ever evolving. While some regulations apply only to non-commercial activities, others apply to ALL aspects of privacy regardless of the type of organization. Some laws apply based on the physical location of the organization and others become applicable based on the location of clients and donors. The Cyber Hub will help you understand this legal network and ascertain what rules apply and how to ensure your organization remains compliant.

ensure client and donor trust


We believe not just that effective privacy management is necessary for ethical business practices, but there are numerous advantages to adopting privacy. Clients, donors and sponsors who know that an organization will protect their privacy have more trust and are more loyal. The Cyber Hub ensures that Nonprofits and Charities not only demonstrate privacy compliance but can also seamlessly integrate ethical business practices to demonstrate professional integrity and foster client trust.

The Cyber Hub Is key To data protection


The Cyber Hub will assist your organization in creating privacy programs that keep personal information secure while meeting important data protection compliance requirements. Utilizing industry recognized frameworks and standards your organization will improve its security posture and prevent data breaches.

“Alone we can do so little;
together we can do so much. “
-Helen Keller


We have carefully created and curated privacy and security templates, checklists, assessments and manuals relevant to Nonprofits and Charities so that you don’t have to. The Cyber Hub document library saves your organization time and hassle. Start building your privacy and security programs without starting from scratch. If your organization requires further assistance, the Cyber Hub Pro and Premium plans provide industry expert guidance and support.  

cybersafety management For nonprofits

management edition

Nonprofit organizations can now take control of risk and cybersecurity operations by using the Cyber Hub™ as an integrated planning, management and sharing solution.

Cyber Hub™ is at once a library of accessible, on-demand resources and a single interface for reaching the certified professionals trusted by modern nonprofits to help with risk management challenges.

nonprofit risk management at scale

consultant edition

Are you a trusted cybersecurity advisor or privacy consultant specializing in the nonprofit sector? Drive change and build trust by becoming a Risk Management Provider (RMP™) for Nonprofits.

Using the Knowledgeflow Cyber Hub™, consultants that choose the RMP™ route offer transformative value to NPO clients and build lasting trust by making risk manageable.